Commercial Architectural Services in Palmyra, PA

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Sustainable Building Design Services in Palmyra, PA

1) Permeable paving for driveways & walkways

2) Solar hot water collectors (3 total) with hot water storage tank (119 gal.)

3) Photovoltaic solar panels (24 @ 300w ea. = 7.2kw total) with inverter, panel and meter

4) Heat exchange coil, damper, fan & coil (air flow control)

5) Sun tunnel & skylights

6) Structural, insulated wall (R-30) and roof (R-45) panels (SIPs)

7) Sunshade control Summer - eliminates heat gain Winter - permits heat gain

8) Metal standing seam roof

9) Fiber cement board siding

10) Low-E, triple-glazed insulating glass

11) Energy Star appliances

12)  LED & compact fluorescent lights

13) Whole house ventilation

14) Low-VOC paints, adhesives & finishes

15) Rain water collection system for irrigation

16) Instantaneous hot water heater

17) Geothermal HVAC system

18) Low-flow plumbing fixtures

Municipal Facilities Expansion in Palmyra, PA

  Residential and Commercial Architectural Services in Palmyra, PA

Gluszko Architects provides smart and innovative residential and commercial architectural services in Palmyra, PA, and surrounding areas. Specializing in energy-efficient green architecture, we will save you capital over the long-term life of your building, while maintaining the design appeal and comfortable surroundings for your home or business.


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